Oil Purifier

With a design based on 30 years of actual field experience, the Pall HLP6 oil purifier combines the excellent efficiency of mass transfer purifiers with an exceptional level of reliability and ease of use. Water contamination in oil systems is responsible for major maintenance and operational problems of critical components in lubrication and hydraulic circuits. From power generation turbines to paper machines, these problems include:
■ Increased corrosion in the system, especially at bearing locations
■ Increased oil oxidation and acid build-up
■ Sluggish response of control systems
Our experience in the field has shown that it is never enough to remove free water: centrifuges and coalescers alone cannot protect bearings against corrosion and fluid degradation.

Free water and dissolved water
In a typical oil system, temperature swings constantly change the dissolved water content of the oil. At the reservoir location it is critical to remove not only free water, but also a large portion of dissolved water. This is the only way to ensure that free water will not appear when the fluid goes through the cool parts of the system, especially when an oil cooler is used downstream of the reservoir.