WELCOME TO Sphinx Consultants

Sphinx Consultants was established in 2005 by A Team Professional with industry experience of 20 years, Especially in CNC machines – Operation, Application and Maintenance Background.

We represents with some of the world reputed companies Like, Mitsubishi Hard Metals Japan, Pall Corporation USA, Lifton Magnets - Singapore, Hensel/Schlegel – Germany, Quaker Chemicals – USA, SYIC – Taiwan & Rajamane-India to Name few………..

Vision :
Supply / Support Quality Products with Best Prices & delivery Commitment.

Our Vision

In addition to discharging normal duties of a trustee, the Managing Trustee shall preside over meeting of the Board of Trustees. The Managing Trustee is authorized to sign all documents, including bank documents, acknowledgements for the contributions received, and agreements with individuals, Government Institutions and other organizations, on behalf of the Board of Trustees. The Managing Trustee shall have all the residuary powers, not explicitly assigned to any of the other officers in these presents.

The Managing Trustee is authorized to sign along with the Treasurer bank cheques, deposit release vouchers etc. The Managing Trustee is empowered to remove any Trustee from the Trust and its offices, if he/she finds that his/her activities are not congenial to the activities of the Trust.

The Managing Trustee is responsible for ensuring that the Trust pursues its Objects and for maintaining the dignity of the Trust organization and shall use his/her influence to promote the activities of the Trust