Fluid Cleanliness Monitor

The PCM400 is specifically developed as a portable diagnostic monitoring device that provides a measurement of system fluid cleanliness.
As part of component / system cleanliness 'pass off' checks or predictive maintenance programs, the PCM400 monitor quickly reports test data so that ongoing assessments can be made. Early detection of abnormal fluid cleanliness allows for timely investigation and corrective actions to be implemented. The PCM400 can be permanently installed to monitor critical applications (including component test facilities) or used as a portable device for routine condition monitoring of various fluid systems.

PCM400 Monitor Features
Proven mesh blockage technology
Results not affected by water or air
Monitors dissolved water content (% saturation or PPM output for specific fluids (PCM400W only))
High and low pressure on-line or off-line sampling
Continuous monitoring • 500 test memory
¼" test point hose connection
PC-based trending software included
Viscosity output in centistokes (cSt)
Real time graphical representation

A detachable hand held touch screen programmer allows for simple menu driven input of sample identification, monitor configuration and data output in either ISO 4406, SAE AS 4059 Table 1 (previously NAS 1638) or SAE AS 4059 Table 2 formats. The hand held programmer display shows real time data and test results which are automatically stored for subsequent trending and evaluation. The optional infra-red controlled printer allows the operator to produce a hard copy of the test results if required.

Component wash fluids
Cutting fluids
Aqueous solutions
Water glycols
Mineral and synthetic oils
Hydraulic and lubricating fluids

PCM Trender Software Features
Graphical and spreadsheet reporting
Trending capabilities
Customer defined alarm limits
Printable reports